Welcome to 'GROUPPE'

GROUPPE UTILITIE PRIVATE LIMITED was founded in the year 2001 by a group of marketing experts having a total of over 60 years of marketing experience in India and the neighboring Countries. The strength of the directors are in the Conventional Thermal Power Stations, Power Station Builders with Coal and Bio Based Power Generators and Heat Recovery Boilers, Infra Structure Industries, Petrochemical and Process Industries, Cement, Steel, Sugar and general Industries and the suppliers of Equipment to these Industries in India and abroad.

Grouppe plays an important role in the Infra structure development of the country. Cement plant machinery and total plants from the top suppliers in China help the country for a faster startup and assured production capacity.

Grouppe has strong contacts with the Thermal Power plant builders and Wind Turbine manufacturers from china. Grouppe is working with the American Company to develop solar Power & Concentrated Solar Thermal project in India.

Grouppe is able to provide support on spare parts and services for the individual equipment of the power plants. Senior engineers with extensive training in China are able to help the clients in commissioning and maintenance of the critical equipment.